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Ordinary wonders


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Ordinary wonders (moths, stars, planets and other souls)

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Ordinary wonders  (moths, stars, planets and other souls)

How many wonders are there around us, close to us!? In this moment. Above all wonders of Creation and Life!

Like these moths, other insects and bats that fly around artificial lights.

Let us mahe their deceived instincts take usa t least to better consider our relationship with the Eternal Creative Energy, wich is their Mother as our Mother.

And stars and planets against the back ground of terrestrial night.

Only the photographiv language can reveal us some real wonders.

For us, humans, the visual part of a small part of Creation is already immensity.

It can really help to fill our lives with wonder.


The photos in this gallery are produce in unique specimens with frame, resins and inclusions of other photos and entities

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