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FotoSculptuRes – MARI / SEAS

Description. STANDARD series: a 30x30x2,5 cm object weighing about 3 kg. FS-Out of series: object up to 80x50x5 cm, weighing 25 kg  
Contains: one photo in large format from the series “Tales of Mayim”; about 50/100 photos 7x11 mm from the series “Tales of Mayim” and “Flwater”; fossil clams from the Pliocene era; a marble stone sculpted naturally by water, from Monte Altissimo, the Michelangelo’s marble mountain; transparent epoxy resin + many gas and air bubbles and micro bubbles inside the resin. Steel sides and wood bottom; the raised part in wood and aluminium; 4 metal feet adjustable in height.
The work MUST be flooded with distilled water on which a cork raft that is placed having as a sail a photo of butterflies in a blue sky.
The SEAS of the Standard series can be illuminated by led placed inside the resin along the perimeter; power by batteries or by electricity power transformer (the electrical device is placed under the work ).

These are zen-inspired creations

SOME OF THE MEANINGS. The photos “Giardino 22” represent the human being as a whole in the negative sense, that is a being who is conscious of himself and the world but full of selfishness, fear, aggressiveness, ignorance, cunning, stupidity and cruelty. On the contrary the photos “Vezza 40” represent the positive Homo, the human being highly evolved to the good: beneficial egoist, altruistic, knowledgeable, intelligent and incapable of harming another person and Nature.
The fossils represents life at its beginning, but also as an arrival point for us humans as a species.
The white oval stone represents positive knowledge, as that of Keppel, of Popper, of real science and democracy. For thousands of years, relying above all on the nonsense written by Aristotle and Plato, humanity has wanted to believe in the idea of “ perfect circles”, in a parallel world assumed as being superior to ours, in the unchangeable sky above us: all bullshits swept away by Keppel’s ellipsis and by the simple Galilean trial and observation.     
But knowledge is possible by the human language spoken and written, which make us thinking people conscious of being conscious; the human language is represented by the photos “Serra 9”. Other photographs represent the human creativity.
… the story continues: the water has flooded almost everything; there is a raft that has a photo of butterflies in a blue sky as a sail, that represent the infinite beauty of Nature that preceded and that will surely outlive to human species. A raft presupposes a shipwreck, an attempt of salvation from a disaster, there should therefore be survivors but…there aren’t any… no one was saved .We have destroyed our habitat, but our planet continues to live on, we are just fossils, our story has finished in the transparent amber, represented by the chemical epoxy resin that we have produced.

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