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Midtown T.T.L. ­­­- Report 08/2012

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Third Time is Lucky, in New York too, sailing Through The Lens.

Millions of people say they go to New York but in fact they just go to Manhattan, and often just visit its center, Midtown. Walking through Midtown we only meet tourists, thousands of tourists like me, that on average spend there a week, or less. Along the Fifth and Sixth Avenue, in the Empire State Building, in and out of the thousands of shops, in the museums, in Times Square day and night ... we all are always here.
What millions of visitors take back home from Midtown? At first sight we can say: a chaos and not an ordered set of ideas. They take home a series of superficial sensations and not the essence of this place that we can define even mythical. But reflecting better this judgment may be wrong: maybe the charm and essence of Manhattan it is precisely its superficiality, its elusiveness and its randomness. Is what this photo collection tells us, through the eyes of a tourist spending a week visiting Midtown TTL, Third Time Lucky, and Through The Lens of his camera.

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