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How to realize the “crazy-portraits”.

I repeat here what I wrote for the book "Treaty of letters and pictures appearence. Happens that a hard-disk with all our photographs will break! We - vaguely angry – slam on the floor the failed disk, we take it for kicks and we rolled down the stairs. Then while we're in the kitchen we put it in the microwave (for how long? Well, this is the secret recipe!). Well, putting the hard-disk drive "read" I got particular files that I simply called "Crazy Files"; they have a curious property.

How it works? After you took a picture of the individuals portrayed on the program open, then close it and open a Crazy Files (obviously can be done with any digital image): a fragmented picture appears on the screen, a kaleidoscope of color or black and white, a composition-decomposition created independently from the computer! And by adjusting the sliders of any of the editing window, the image changes constantly. But at this point I can not keep what I see, because if I give the OK, the saved image will be a surprise, yet different.

For my part I can do several things to guide the final result. The first is to do some tests and select the one I want. Then I learned how to influence, even if only in small part, the size of the fragments. Finally there are operations completely voluntary, starting with the cutout of a part of the image obtained, or  reverse or modify dimensional fragments that most attracts me; sometimes I even put the original photo in the final composition.

The first performance I made in October 2011 in "my" Gallery 10.02! in Milan during the "Artista di libro”. With a digital camera, my laptop and a printer I can make anyone, in 20-30 minutes, a crazy-original portrait printed and hand delivered! It is very fun and challenging for me, if you invite me and we agreed I could come!

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