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The treaty of letters and images appearance

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THE TREATY OF LETTERS AND IMAGES APPEARANCE it’s my first ART BOOK published just after the homonym book of lyrics and photographic images edited on 2009 by Bastogi Libri, Roma This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It has 20 photographic images 39x27 cm - each one has its poetry - and three pages of texts. Everything is contained in a wooden and glass casket 42x30x5cm sized.

It’s made in two versions. 1) The first version has a limited edition of 69 samples, printed by me on paper Innova 100% cotton of 315 gr with Epson inkjet technique. You can “touch” it directly in Milan at the Art Gallery 10.2! international research contemporary art directed by Maria Rosa Pividori This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; +39-349-2814715 PM or in Prato, Tuscany at the Art Gallery DIE MAUER +39-340-9164407. The Galleries will give authentication for all samples. The price is 800 € and you can ask for the work in 10.2! or DIE MAUER Galleries or directly through this website. 2) The second version has a limited edition of 199 samples, printed on paper Garda of 300 gr with typographic Xerox inkjet technique; the price is 220 € and you can ask it directly through this website or at FOTOAREA of HF Distribuzione

Many THANKS to the big Ciro Imparato for reading my lyric "Su settemila stelle". Ciro can be a master for your voice: change your voice and you will change your life for the better!


Sometimes it happens that a hard disk containing all of our photographs breaks down. Many photos, but not all, are saved in the external memory and in any case it means a big job of recovery regarding the whole system. We are annoyed and, taking the hard disk in hand, in absence of a hammer, we dash it to the ground, we stomp on it and kick it down the stairs. Then we look at it thoughtfully for a moment and since we are in the kitchen, we put it in the microwave oven (for how long? Ah this is the secret of the recipe!)
I don't know if it always happens but when I opened the disk again I achieved rather peculiar files. I've named them  “Crazy Files” because they have a strange quality that they keep only if they are opened with their original program for touching up photos. It doesn't function with other programs. Here's how it works: I open the program and then call up Photo A on the screen. Then I close it and immediately open a “crazy file”. On the screen there appears an image, either slightly or extremely fragmented, of photo A. It is like a kaleidoscope, in black and white or in color, a construction/deconstruction made autonomously by the computer itself! And by opening a window of the touch-up program, for instance luminosity/contrast, I see that as I move the cursors the image continues to change.
However, at this point I can no longer save what I see because, if I press OK, the image will be saved, surprisingly, in still another different form. This automatic quality is the main unifying trait that combines words and images. For my own part I can do various things to influence the final result. Obviously the first of these is to choose the photo to explore and deconstruct with the crazy file; this is always a photograph that has been suggested by the text. Secondly I can make many trials and choose the ones that I think are the most suitable. Thirdly I have learned how to condition, if only in small part, the fragments' size. Then there are the completely spontaneous operations, beginning with the cutting out of part of the image obtained. For this particular art work I reduced everything to black and white and for every specific text I chose other photos that I already had in my archive or else images that I had created especially (for example parts of women's bodies that look like letters) to be inserted later in the “weave.”  

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