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FotoCreature DIG-OUT


Fotocreatures DigOut

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The series consist of 40 works. Printing is limited to 7 copies IN ALL, mainly in size 100x66 or 150x100 cm , LAMBDA print mounted on Di-Bond.

A work can not be explained, the work begins to speak to us through an emotion that words can not express. But who wants to know the mind of the author can read the text that follows.

Throughout time humans have seen the art in Nature; Edward Weston in 1932 referring to the work of Brancusi said that photographers found ready in Nature what the sculptor had to create. But the works of Fotocretaure DIGOUT have a different path, if not opposite: my starting point is not Nature but human art. My starting point are works of art existing (especially of contemporary painting, (mainly abstract but also expressionism, abstract expressionism, cubism, etc.).
Fotocreatures DigOut departs therefore from the human creation, followed by Natural Creation and its digital elaboration, to return to the starting point. There may be a direct similarity of the work with other Artists, or even a reference in the titles or again a likeness to the style of each single Author or of an artistic current. The final result may have been found to be almost “ready made”, or else digitally modified. I consider important to underline the initial real and natural subjects of these works, independently from the next modifications, and despite the recall to “pictorial symbolism” which later they go along with (according to the “Semiotics” of Pierce recalled by Marra in his “Pittura e fotografia del ‘900, una storia senza combattimento - Painting and Photography in 20th century, a story without conflict-”). I want to maintain the role of intermediary between absolute Creation and human creativity and this is one of the reasons for which I still acquire my initial images on film.

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