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I'm carlodelli and the art of to represent the Universe, the Life and Human Life, through pictures and personal creations, is the most important part of my life. In 2006 I changed my way of thinking Photography; since then, I have dedicated myself to the artistic aspect of Photography, whatever you may think it to be, calling this global project “Fotocreatures”.

92nd act, 1st Part, A Series in the Register of 1963, at the Municipal Building of San Gimignano, Province of Siena, Italy: “..on the 5th of October at n. 18, Via XX Settembre, a boy was born, who was called Carlo Niccolo Bartolo Maria…”. I think that living San Gimignano was important for my passion for Art. I played football in the Cloisters of Palazzo Pecori, in front of Ghirlandaio’s “Announciation” and I spent hours observing the Frescos of Benozzo Gozzoli in Sant’Agostino or Barna da Siena in the Collegiata.
I have lived in many localities in Tuscany and at present I work at my Studio in San Giuliano Terme, only few kilometres from Pisa, Lucca and the sea.
Already, during my school years, I was interested in Graphics and Painting and already attending the Giovanni Fattori group of Calci, and drawing above all in China ink.
I was also very attracted by Literature, fascinated by the works of Giacomo Leopardi and Luigi Russo. Although I was taking photographs right from the “eighties”, I began to do so in a professional way from 1993, attending numerous workshops with photographers and photographic critics (Walter Rosenblum, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Maurizio Galimberti, Franco Fontana, Denis Curti, Grazia Neri, etc).
I have done photographic reportages all over the world - mainly in Africa, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, madagascar, Sri-Lanka, the United States and Tibet - but I love to photograph, more than any other, my beloved Tuscany.

Curators and writers about my Works and ehibitions are: Denis Curti, Gigliola Foschi, Lorella Giudici, Massimo Mussini, Orietta Bay, Vincenzo Marzocchini, Luigi Erba, Giorgio Rigon, Lia Bronzi, Monica Venturini and others. I'm one of the artist of some Art Galleries, and the historic first was the "Art Gallery 10.2! international research contemporary art" in Milan directed by Maria Rosa Pividori ph. +39-366-8624821  

I am author of large photographic books such as Monte Pisano, paesaggi e natura tra Lucca e Pisa (Pezzini, Viareggio, 2000), Details of wonder, paesaggi e particolari tra Utah e Arizona (ETS, Pisa, 2004), Natura di San Rossore-Creazioni (ETS, Pisa, 2011). My art-books limited edition with personal prints: "Trattato sull'apparizione delle immagini e delle lettere","...sulle nostre e sulle vostre ossa", "IN UTERO", "Il rapido confine", "Il pavimento della Collezione Maramotti" and many others. Books with lirics and photographic images: Poesie disutili (Bastogi, Foggia, 2005), Sulla tua onda (Bastogi, Foggia, 2006), Trattato sull'apparizione delle lettere (Bastogi, Foggia 2009), Sulle nostre e sulle vostre ossa (Bastogi, Roma, 2015).

Some personal exhibitions: 

2000 - Monte Pisano e Dintorni - Toscana Foto Festival

2001 - Details of Wonder - Toscana Foto Festival

2002 - Stupito su questa Terra - “Centro Culturale San Fedele”, Milan

2005 - Details of wonder a Seravezza Fotografia 
2005 - Details of wonder -  La Rocca Art Gallery, San Gimignano

2007 - Details of wonder - Cassero Pratese 

2008 - Fotocreature Preview - Caffè delle Giubbe Rosse, Florence

2009 - Fotocreature DigOut - SPAZIO 81-MORE, Milan 

2010 - I Racconti di MAYIM - spazio espositivo museale SMS, Pisa
2010 - Fotocreature Insider Exposition - Studio d'Arte Pucci, Pietrasanta
2010 - I Racconti di MAYIM e altre Storie - Studio Gennai, Pisa

2011 - Fotocreature DigOut - 10.2! International Research Contemporary Art - Milan
2011 - Artista di Libro - Art Gallery 10.2! International Research Contemporary Ar- Milan

2012 - Trattato sul'apparizione delle lettere e delle immagini - Die Mauer art gallery - Prato
2012 - ...sulle nostre e sulle vostre ossa - Artist's handmade book, 10.2! International Research Contemporary Art, Milan

2013 - Shop-Les jeux d'amour - Ostrakon art gallery - Milan, with a Photosculpture
2013 - Natura permanente e la Cura: l'acqua, l'aria - Pirola Palace- Gorgonzola, Monza, with resin, still, stone, pictures and water sculpture.
2013 - Tornare @ Itaca - Luci e ombre, Grimaldi - Cosenza, with pictures and poetry,
2013/2014 - Dell'acqua e della luce, Palazzo Lanfranchi, Pisa, with pictures, books, fotosculptures and video.

2014 - FiguraAqua -  Ex Fornace Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, Milan, with pictures, resin, stone, wood, air and water sculpture.
2014 - I racconti di Mayim a cura di Gigliola Foschi - Art Gallery 10.2! International Research Contemporary Art - Milan, with pictures and water fotosculptures.

2015 - Solo Stand - Milan Image Art Fair, Milan
2015 - FiguraAqua third part - Spazio SEICENTRO, Milan, with the VIDEO I'm much more than mayim.
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